Dr Clayton Chan 2 Day Lecture, 7th - 8th Oct 2017

Here are the photos from our inaugural big lecture organised under the banner of Progressive Practicee. It was 2 full days of amazing sharing by GNM Master Dr Clayton A. Chan of Occlusion Connections. Dr. Chan shared the knowledge of Occlusion and TMD with the 125 dentists from 9 different countries around the region through his 2 day lecture topics; "What Every Dentist Needs to Know About Occlusion" & “10 Fundamental Keys to Occlusion”. It’s really our honour to be able to host our mentor and our dentist friends from the region in Singapore from 7th - 8th Oct 2017 at Convention Center MBS Singapore and we hope these photos bring back the good memories of our fruitful time spent together where each and every one of you are now leaders in (r)evolutionary change! *Special thanks to renown photographer from the US and now based in Singapore - Maritha Sears of #MarithaMaePhotography - to document this memorable event for us. Thank you so much for the lovely memories!