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Leaders in (R)Evolutionary Change


Founder • Managing Director • Parallel Entrepreneur • Congruent Leader • Progressive Practitioner • Change Advocate • Author • Speaker • Coach • Consultant

A parallel entrepreneur, she started and has since sold two other businesses while joining her husband Dr Yue Weng Cheu to purchase and run DP Dental in Heartland Mall-Kovan in 2006. What started as a small practice with one dental chair has since grown to a six-chair practice with a team of close to 30 people in 12 years. Together, they have created a unique, fully-integrated, boutique practice, complete with some of the most progressive equipment and knowledge in dentistry. In 2017, a new branch in Scotts Medical Center-Orchard was founded, in a move to push for further integration of dentistry into healthcare, focusing on the tongue, airway and sleep-related issues. She is currently also Director of Progressive Practice, providing cutting-edge, high quality education in the region.

She currently sits on the Board of Connected Women and is often invited to speak at various events. She also founded TEDxDuxtonHill and The Audacious Project.Asia to focus on providing a platform for social entrepreneurs and businesses which are aligned with the UN SDGs a platform to showcase their work that have a great impact in the world.

She has also been co-opted as a Council Member of the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises and seeks to do her part in the setting up of a chapter under ASME for dental and medical practice owners, to push through better integration in the healthcare sector, especially with the now well-known oral-systemic links. She would also like to do her part in supporting social entrepreneurs.

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