Application of Myofunctional Therapy in Dentistry in HK by Dr Yue, 21st - 22nd October 2017

Here are some photos taken during Dr. Yue Weng Cheu’s 2 day lecture in Hong Kong where he lectured on the topic of “Application of Myofunctional Therapy in Dentistry”. The 2 day lecture from 21st - 22nd October 2017 also had Dr. Yue mentoring the participants when they had hands-on try outs of the Laser Tongue Tie Release skills on practice model. Dr. Yue also demonstrated on how the TENS and bite taking are done while highlighting the wonders of how our bite affects our physical potential. #ProgressivePractice #DrYueWengCheu #MyofunctionalTherapy #LeadersinChange #SilentRevolution #FastEvolution